A few things I’m enjoying right now

Vivobarefoot Evo Pure MGiving my feet (more of) what they deserve.
Last week, I trotted into the Vivo shop in Covent Garden (a mecca for minimalist footwear shops) thinking I might have a quick look at this season’s shoes. (I’d tried shopping for minimalist gym shoes before and not found anything better than the like-Converse-but-wider shoes I’d been wearing.)  Seven minutes and a few quid later, I had these babies – I’ve worn them to squat heavy, go for a run on grass and amble to the shops to buy veggies. They feel fabulous. I even apologised to Katy Bowman on twitter that I ever thought they were overpriced.

I also recently bought some alignment socks (in red) . I haven’t worked up to sleeping in them yet (currently that would feel as weird to me as sleeping in my bra), but I love how relaxed my legs feel after wearing them.
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Whole30 – Day 15 and I’m out

 I quit my Whole30. Despite sailing through a couple of social occasions ealier in the fortnight, when I easily could have had a ‘worth it’ moment, I stayed on track. But for the 15 days I ate Whole30 style, I continued to sleep poorly, I visibly lost weight, my sinuses felt the same and, worst, I had insufficient energy to go to the gym at all. Plus I was so damn hungry ALL THE TIME. I have no idea why. I was eating even more than normal* – and not low carb, low calorie, or low fat. In fairness, my joints did feel slightly looser – but not as good as when I regularly eat oily fish (which I haven’t been doing over the last few weeks).

When you have that kind of data, it’s time to do something else.

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The Underappreciated Role of Muscle in Health & Disease


This is one of the AHS14 presentations I’m really looking forward to watching this weekend, along with Daryll Edwards on primal movement and play, Steph Gaudreau and Stacy Toth on strength training for women and Stacy again, with podcast partner Sarah Ballentyne on ancestral lifestyles for women. Other things to do this weekend: deadlifts, sleep a lot, stay Whole30 at a friend’s birthday party.

Originally posted on THAT PALEO GUY:

The Ancestry Foundation has done a superb job of getting all the AHS14 presentations, held at UCLA – Berkeley, mixed and uploaded. There is a tonne of great material from this conference. I highly recommend taking some time to work through them all.

Here is my talk.

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Whole 30 – August 2014

Last year I had a go at a Whole 30, except it was a bit shorter and only moderately successful. As an experiment (which is how I approached it at the time, rather than setting a firm intention to complete it), it yielded some valuable data: I really do need to get most of my carbs from starch and not fruit; putting food restrictions in place when I’m not 100% happy with my weight/body composition is (still) a terrible idea for my mental health; anyone trying to tell me what to eat when I’m ill had better get out of my way.

Why try again? As a result of taking up heavy lifting this year, I’ve lost a some body fat and don’t want to lose any more. At all. In fact if I do, I will alter my eating somehow (start mainlining coconut milk?) to maintain it where it is.

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Spring has Sprung!

I haven’t blogged in too long! My job is a little crazy* right now and although I have a few ideas for a things I’d like to write about in (moderate) detail, I can’t quite work up the energy currently – too tired from doing stuff to write about it.


A quick update:

I started strength training in January, doing an introductory course and then moving on to a longer one, focussed on the areas where I need to improve. I’ve been attending group training once a week and (attempting) to go to my local  globogym twice a week by myself. I could write a book on all the thoughts and feelings this is giving me – about women and exercise, men and exercise, how exercise is ‘sold’ to us (both men and women!), what being strong is and isn’t,  my ability (and limits) regarding learning new skills. The short version is that I’m enjoying it, it’s hard as hell and the value of a great coach (to an amateur) is they have standards for you that you cannot imagine – and they can get you there.

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A Slice of Wise Traditions 2014

Providence Farm Travelling Hen House

Providence Farm Travelling Hen House – inside the exhibition!

A few weeks ago, I excitedly bought a ticket to the Saturday morning session of the Weston A Price foundation’s annual European conference, held this year in Esher, a small, well-heeled suburban town outside London. Unfortunately, I had slept poorly the previous week, so instead of getting up early enough to attend the 9am Esther Gokhale movement and alignment session as I had planned, I grabbed another hour of shut-eye.

Christ Masterjohn - Wise Traditions UK 2014

Christ Masterjohn – Your arteries are not like blocked pipes

At Waterloo station, someone sat behind me on the train and started eating a McD’s breakfast that smelt so bad I moved to another carriage and ended up sitting across the aisle from… two women also going to the conference. We chatted briefly on the short walk to the large and fancy Sandown Race track and conference centre – they were there to learn more about feeding themselves and their children and like me, come from families with many vegetarians and low-fat adherents.

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January Catch-Up

On the one hand, how is it nearly February? On the other, Christmas is a distant memory.

 Like everybody (on this side of the Equator – all the Aussies on my twitter feed are ‘Yay summer! Breakast on the beach!’),  I’m making hibernation jokes, despairing at the weather and gazing lovingly at sunsets on clear days – so little natural colour at this time of year. Almost everything here could (and may become) a full post in the future. But until then…

I’m experimenting with resistant starch, with mixed results. The health of my innards and their possible effect on the rest of my health is something I didn’t really think about until I started eating a paleo diet  – probably because they weren’t problematic in the most easily recognised fashion (ahem). Still, when I look back now, I realise certain things (don’t we all?).

Do you even lift bro?My weightlifting course is going really well and now I’m scoping local cheapo gyms to see which I should join. Yesterday I went into one which was just one big space, rather than having the weights in a separate room (yay!), but unfortunately the weights area included a young man sitting in front the power cage, on a bench, doing some kind of tiny shoulder movement while holding dumbells. If you were doing a legit rehab exercise, I apologise young man, but it looked like you were buffing your bod, while preventing anyone from using the power cage. Poor form.
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